Seeing as I am a complete twonk and forgot to take a photo of the last book I read I can’t upload my next book review. So instead, have a review of a restaurant I went to recently back home in Pembrokeshire! My Mum finds this hilarious as I always used to say when I was younger I wanted to become a food critic (purely for the idea of getting paid to eat food).

The Old Bake House is on Fishguard square, in Pembrokeshire – I had no idea it had been done up by new owners and was an evening restaurant for half the week until my boyfriend Matt suggested going there for a meal. I have now been there twice, and both times the food was absolutely lush! Just take a look at this gorgeous menu:


The food was so reasonably priced – with a three course meal for £22, you can’t go wrong. The first time we went the The Old Bake House, I had the Newport Bay crab special starter, which was really nice.


The dish was beautifully presented, and the horse radish added a spicy kick to the whole thing. Matt had the poached hens egg, which I’m assured was absolutely delicious.


For mains I had the seabass, which was pretty damn lush.


Matt had the roast free range chicken which looked delicious, and was presented in a similar manner to the seabass.


There was so much food on the plate for your money – we were both struggling to finish the food at this point because we had been given so much of it!

Obviously we were still getting desert though. Matt had the marinated strawberries with rice pudding, which he loved.


I had the raspberry Eton mess which wasn’t on the menu – it was offered as an option as they were out of something else on the menu.


Everything we had here was absolutely lush! This was a hidden gem of a restaurant. We were so impressed we went again a few weeks later to celebrate my Mum’s retirement; we were once again impressed with the high standard of cuisine.

This time I had the crispy hens egg for starter, which was absolutely divine – I would have happily eaten more of these! There was a delicious sauce that complemented the dish perfectly, and a really lush crushed pea addition to the main dish, with the crispy hens egg delicately placed on top.


For main I had the confit duck, which was absolutely lush! The skin was really nice and crispy, with the meat being nice and tender. For desert I had the taste of lemon desert, which was really nice but I forgot to take a photo of it because I was enjoying my food so much!


Both times I’ve been to The Old Bake House the food has been absolutely delicious. The food has been presented absolutely beautifully and such an effort had clearly been put into each dish. I would give it a 5/5 because I thoroughly enjoyed the food both times I went there, and people really need to know more about this wonderful restaurant.


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