Three years ago, the Skulduggery Pleasant series came to a beautiful end – I was terrified that Derek Landy wasn’t going to give us the happy ending we all wanted for Valkyrie and Skulduggery, but thankfully they survived to live another day. You cannot imagine my excitement when I found out last year that there was going to be a second series coming out this year. And Landy did not disappoint.


I was a little worried before I sat down to read ‘Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection’ because every other time I’ve gotten this excited about something I always ended up feeling a little disappointed. However Resurrection took me right back to when I was reading the first book at 13. There is just something about the comedic aspect to Landy’s writing that completely draws you in – the overall tone was exactly like the original books and had me giggling to myself within minutes. Landy just has a way with description that makes the page ooze with sarcasm, and you really can’t help but laugh. That’s partly why I’m still reading these books at 23 – there is something completely timeless about the narrative that makes it something for everyone to enjoy.

Now that Valkyrie is 24, there was a more serious aspect to Landy’s writing that we had a glimpse of in his second series Demon Road. Valkyrie wasn’t the sarcastic little girl she was before the Darquesse events; she had been forever changed by the horrors that were unwittingly inflicted at her hands. I loved this traumatised aspect to her character – the way that Landy described her depression was just perfect and it really made her character seem so much more real. It made you really feel for her as a character, especially towards the end of the novel where she starts thinking about how she should have spent more time with her family. It’s so nice to see her character still evolving!

All the old characters that were included were once again fabulous – I love love LOVE Skulduggery’s sharp wit and it never fails to make me laugh. It was nice to see some newer characters too – Omen was pretty awesome, and someone that readers can identify with. Landy didn’t solely tell the story from Valkyrie’s point of view, and used these other chapters to weave in some juicy little plot threads that I’m sure he’ll pick up later in the series. I was intrigued by Sebastian, as well as the very hilarious and pretty spot on fictional version of Donald Trump – Landy’s satirical wit was definitely at its finest here! I’m curious to see where Landy is going to take us next with some of these plot threads. Though I do hope that we get to see Tanith Low sometime!

The plot was pretty spot on. I was gripped from start to finish, and the plot twist around Lethe was pretty damn awesome. Landy has done a superb job with easing us back into Skulduggery and Valkyrie’s world, and in the best way possible – throwing us right into the action, it really makes you crave reading more from this story world. You have no idea how excited I am for the next book in the series!! I’d give it a 5/5 because Landy is just awesome and it consistently shows in his writing.


Last Friday I was also fortunate enough to get to see Derek Landy in Birmingham Waterstones! He was so funny, and discussed some things from Resurrection and how version 2 of the series is going to be more like a tv series than like films as he’d planned the original series – it should be more detailed, and Landy already an idea of how the series is going to end before he’d even written Resurrection. Omen was his favourite character to write, which was pretty awesome – Omen is aimed at the people who have grown up reading about Skulduggery and Valkyrie, and is such a likeable character! However Landy stressed that it is still very much Valkyrie’s story, which was nice to hear – Landy discussed how he felt it important to include Valkyrie’s depression and PTSD, and I wholeheartedly agree with him because it made her character more well rounded and realistic. Landy came out with a brilliant quote as well in reference to showing more diversity and stuff in characters: you are the change you want to make. I think that is an absolute brilliant snippet, and is definitely true!


Plus meeting Landy was amazing, although a little awkward – the guy in front of me in the queue’s phone died, and he asked if I could take a picture of him and Landy and send it to him over Facebook. If that had been my phone I would have been mortified that I couldn’t get a photo, so said yeah sure – then the lady who was helping out Landy with his signing offered to take the photo and then asked if I wanted to be in it as well (she’d missed the exchange about the dead phone) and I had to awkwardly explain in front of Landy that I didn’t know this stranger and was just doing him a favour, and then Landy told me I’d fallen for the oldest trick in the book because now the guy was going to get my number – I am so wonderfully awkward that I didn’t know how to say “Noooo no no no I was just being nice!” without making a complete tit out of myself. After last year’s dilemma when I met Maggie Stiefvater for the first time and the first words that left my mouth were “I STALK YOU ONLINE” I wanted to at least portray that I am not a psychopath. In retrospect it was really funny because after I’d had my photo Landy grinned and said “You two go exchange numbers you crazy kids!” Landy was just as funny in person as his narratives are, and he was such a nice guy! I’ll definitely be bringing all of my Landy novels to be signed next time I get the opportunity!

imageI am so glad I didn’t embarrass myself like last year in YALC (sorry Maggie I’m not creepy I swear)!


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