I loved the premise of this novel. A group of boys ending up stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere and then slowly descending into madness. It started off well, but after a few pages I found myself really struggling to get through it. I loved the imagery that William Golding used throughout the novel – such as how Piggy wasn’t allowed his own name and was stuck with the animal’s nickname to draw a comparison between himself and the pigs that the boys start to hunt on the island. There were loads of little things like that which I just loved.

I loved the descent into madness from the boys, and how they slowly turned savage – though I wasn’t sure as to whether there were racist implications in this, mainly from a descriptive passage towards the end of the novel. Plus the fact they felt the need to start painting their faces? I really liked the stylistic elements to his writing, but there aspects of the plot that were actually quite boring and made it harder to plough through.

I loved the escalation of events, and I loved the ideas behind the novel but there was something lacking from the plot that would have made it an amazing novel. It was just a really dry narrative – I think from the lack of warmth in the narrative? Something was just missing. Plus this might just be me being really picky, but I am fairly certain Golding knows nothing of choir boys. The type of upper/middle class boys that would even admit to liking singing, let alone being in a boys choir at such a young age would not certainly start stomping around wanting to kill things to turn into “mindless savages”. That might just be me, but from the choir people I know, that wouldn’t happen. Maybe this was meant to show how a lack of authority would send even the most civilised people into disorder, but I’m not too sure about that.

The idea was interesting, but there was just something missing that could have made it so much better. To the point where I can’t really think of anything else to say about the novel! Plus the ending was a little abrupt. There were no consequences for some of their actions which was a little frustrating.

I would give it a 3/5. I can get why it’s classed as literary, but it needed something more to be an amazing novel.


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