This was a nice little concept for a graphic novel – following a girl guides style group on their misadventures, with some fairly strong characters to keep readers interested. My one problem with this comic was it was way too short!! The authors did a good job of the characterisation, but didn’t really give them enough space in the first volume to do them justice.

I really liked the girls – I liked how independent they were, as well as how they always seemed to get into mischief but also work as a team to get themselves out of it again. I just wish we had had a longer volume so as to get to know them better! The art was absolutely beautiful as well. There was something so effortless and simplistic about the art style that really complimented the characters personalities.


The villain was intriguing, but again I think this volume was too short to really get a feel for where the authors wanted to take this story wise. They created tension well, and a bit of mystery as to who the antagonist actually was and what they were up to – combined with the first few pages in the woods and the demon foxes. I liked the overall concept and where the narrative arc seemed to be taking the characters, but I do think this volume needed to be longer. There needed to be more of a hook in the story towards the end of the volume to make me feel like I really needed to pick up the next volume, but I felt disappointed when this didn’t come.

I loved the team work the characters used, as well as the overall message about how important friendship is. It was so refreshing to read a story about a group of friends that had no main focus on romance whatsoever! There was a hint at two of the girls being romantically involved, but this was done in such an unobtrusive way that it was so cute! Plus it was so refreshing to see a lesbian relationship rather than have the girls fawning over the boys scouts group towards the end of the volume. It was nice to see that the authors didn’t make a bigger deal of this, because younger readers need to understand that romance isn’t everything in life! And honestly that pairing was so cute it was nice to see some diversity rather than the boy meets girl trope.

Overall I really liked ‘Lumberjanes Vol 1’ and would give it a 4/5 – it misses out on the 5/5 because it would have been nicer to see more of the story in this volume and to get more of a feel for who the antagonist is. Plus the friendship storyline was so cute and gave such a positive message to the reader.


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