So today is my last day in my current job. On Sunday I’ll be moving to Birmingham, to start my new job on Monday! I’ve been offered a job as an Editorial Assistant for a magazine called WhatsOn, and I literally cannot tell you how happy I am! Just a few weeks ago I was writing a blog post (which I didn’t put up in the end) about how hopeless it felt to be a graduate out of university who couldn’t get a job to do with my degree. Which I’m sure is a boat that loads of people find themselves in when they leave uni.

It just felt that every job I applied to couldn’t even be bothered to let me know if I’d even been rejected or not – every single one, despite saying it was for a graduate, wanted experience. How are you meant to get that experience if they won’t hire you? It was frustrating. When I left uni, I applied for loads of jobs, but never heard back from most of them. I eventually decided to move in with my then boyfriend and work as a carer. That went tits up pretty quickly – the relationship fell apart, and the job wasn’t the best. The actual care work didn’t bother me, but the ridiculous hours did. I would be up from half 6 and then out until 10 o’clock at night, with barely any break in between. You would get the odd twenty minutes off, but that wasn’t enough time to go back home and chill until your next call, so it ended up being wasted time. Then they wanted you to get up and do the same thing the next day. Basically, it was a sucky time. When the relationship broke down I moved back home, and started again.

Ultimately I think it was a good thing. This past year has been awesome, and made me feel so much more confident about myself. I joined a new archery club, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming despite being three times my age. Everyone made an effort to make me feel included! I joined a few musical things and met some awesome new people through those as well. I even finally had the confidence to audition for the lead part in a musical, which I got (blog post to follow!). I managed to get a job as an LSA in my old secondary school, which gave me the sense of place I’d been missing in Colwyn Bay. Being surrounded by familiar faces, as well as some friendly new ones, helped me pick myself up and feel so much better about everything. In that time I managed to write two novels, taking me a step closer to actually getting published! This past year has been awesome, and I wouldn’t have changed a bit of it.

Though at the start of February, it was time for a reality check. I couldn’t stay an LSA forever. During the past year a psychologist, Chintha, had been coming into school once every month to help staff think about their futures. Chintha told me that I needed to take myself out of my comfort zone and find a job to do with what I wanted to do. One of the first things she said to me was “Why wait? Why not now?” As awesome as the past year has been, I was well and truly in my comfort zone. And then at the start of March I had an email inviting me to come for an interview in Birmingham. At the end of the following week I’d been offered the job! This is so exciting – I still can’t believe it’s happening. I’m actually going to have a job to do with my degree! Plus it’ll give me the insight I need into getting myself published, as well as the experience I’ll need in the future to hopefully be an editor!

It’s terrifying to move somewhere completely new – but I’m so excited for the opportunities this is going to give me as well. Bring it on!



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