Holly Bourne is a glorious human being. When ‘What’s A Girl Gotta Do?‘ came out earlier this year I devoured it, and was so happy when I found out this novella was coming out in November.


…And A Happy New Year?‘ was a brilliant way to end the Spinster Club’s series – it showed a lot of character progression from where we last saw the girls, and was split across all of their points of view.

I’d almost forgotten how much I loved Bourne’s witty dialogue – all three girls light up the page and make her narrative so compelling. Bourne just has a way of getting you to connect with the characters and really feeling for them, then making you laugh so much with her humour. For example: Oli’s basilly eyes quote.

The story was a simple one, but carried an important message. It is SO IMPORTANT to stay in contact with your friends and to be totally honest with them. At some point in our lives, it is inevitable that we will move away from home – whether that’s to go to uni or find a job elsewhere, you will need to make more of an effort to stay in contact with your friends. Bourne portrays this is such a brilliant way, and also shows that it can happen to absolutely anyone – the Spinster Club characters had been so close in the previous novels, it felt so weird to be reading about how they weren’t confiding in one another about what they were going through.

I loved how Bourne at first portrayed the characters as meant to be living their happily ever afters, but still showing them unhappy because they hadn’t been honest with one another. I am so glad that Bourne ended the novella where their stories began – it made it feel like the characters had come full circle to enter another phase of their lives.

I really loved this novella – it was amazing to get to slip back into each girl’s head one last time. I think this is a good novella for people of the same ages as the characters to read, so that if they feel the same about their home friends they know it’s not the end of the world. I would give it a 5/5 because Bourne made me laugh so much, and made me feel so nostalgic at the same time about when that was me transitioning into the next phase of my life in uni. Friends are so important to staying sane in this mad world.



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