I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought this book, but I was not disappointed. Danielle Lincoln Hanna has crafted a brilliant narrative set in Lake Geneva, with so much more to it than just being a crime novel.

I liked how Lincoln Hanna created such vibrant characters. She really got into their heads with her writing, and brought them to life on the page. The only thing was that there were so many characters, some readers might find it hard to keep track of who was who, but I didn’t get too lost. It helped that Lincoln Hanna told you at the start of each chapter who was narrating it. All of them did tie together in the end, but some readers might get a little confused with the jumping around.

These character’s back stories were so well thought out! They fitted together so neatly and really made her characters come alive. The overall mystery plot tied in with the main character’s narratives, and there is clearly a wider story that I’m sure we will find out about in book two.

I loooved Bailey, and Tommy, and all the characters. What I really liked was they weren’t just stock characters – they all had complex personalities and backgrounds that just made them seem so alive!

I liked the plot, though I am curious to see how the murderer fits in the Lincoln Hanna’s overall plot for the characters. The ending was so sad!! As much as I wanted Bailey to find her happy ending, it really made me want to read the sequel to find out if she actually gets it, and if Tommy will tell her the truth he found out at the end of the novel.

The pacing was brilliant – not once did you feel bored making your way through the story. The many characters helped with keeping the reader intrigued, because once something had happened to Bailey you wanted to find out how it would end, but then you would be led into a chapter by another character that led you right back to the murder vicitm’s plot which would make you want to find out who did it…

As a self published book the prose is very clean – you wouldn’t know it was a self published book unless you looked it up. When self publishing novels it can be so hard to spot mistakes as you’re just one person, rather than a whole publishing team going through the story with a fine tooth comb. If you like to support self published authors, I would definitely recommend this book as you really won’t regret it!

If you’re a fan of murder mysteries and compelling characters, I would definitely recommend this book. Lincoln Hanna’s characters really draw you in and make you want to find out what happens to them, and they really made her narrative shine. I would give it a 5/5.


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