After reading something as heavy as ‘The Bell Jar‘, I really needed something to lighten my mood. ‘Nimona‘ was definitely the right thing for that! I loved this graphic novel the minute I picked it up. Just look at these beautiful illustrations!


This was a graphic novel that was all cute and funny and snuck up on you when you least expected it. I loved the twist of following the villain as a protagonist, and showing that actually the people who claimed to be the good guys weren’t as good as they said they were. I looooved the characters – despite the fact that Lord Ballister Blackheart has been wronged by Sir Goldenloin and the academy, he only wants to prove how hypocritical they are and stays strong to his morals. I loved the romance!! At first I thought it was just a subtle suggestion and wouldn’t come to fruition, but Noelle Stevenson is a beautiful human being and put the romance in at the end. I really loved Nimona’s character – she’s so funny and quirky, and her story arc is heartbreaking. I can’t go into too much detail without giving you spoilers, but you did not see the twist coming. This was done in such a subtle way that you didn’t realise the story arc was more sinister than it appeared, and this was so well done!! For the last chapter I was sat in a classroom after work sobbing because I didn’t want to believe what I was reading. The characterisation of all the characters in Nimona is absolutely beautiful – I loved the backstory between Blackheart and Goldenloin, and I especially loved how she ended their story.

Stevenson’s use of humour really made this graphic novel what it was. She captured you within the first few pages by taking the cliches and smashing them to smithereens, then swooped on in with the more heartfelt storylines. The humour she used earlier on in the graphic novel gave these harder scenes more impact, as you already cared about the characters. I really loved the setting, too – the medieval setting but with lots of advanced science thrown in. The illustrations seemed simple, but were done in such a beautiful stylistic way – Stevenson’s use of colour stayed with the medieval setting, but the use of darker colours and greens and yellows later on helped to get the sinister atmosphere across to readers. I really loved her style!!

The plot was so original and so well put together, you really didn’t see the plot twist coming. I would definitely give this a 5/5 because I really, really enjoyed it. Everything about it was so well done, and I can’t think of how it could be improved. I hope to read more of Stevenson’s work in the future!


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