Dark Possession‘ was an alright novel. I liked the setting in Fairwick, and the nephilim as antagonists, but the novel as a whole felt a bit mismatched. It was definitely better than the first novel, and THANK GOD finally had a good deal less of the cheesy sex scenes, but something about it didn’t quite fit together.

I like how Carol Goodman ended the novel, and that the characters finally did have a happy ending. My main issue was that a lot of the resolutions were just too convenient. One of my screenwriting lecturers in uni said there was nothing he hated more in a script than coincidences, and this novel was laden with them. For example, Callie JUST SO HAPPENS to have the brooch that will lead them to safety, one of the characters she meets in 17th century Scotland JUST SO HAPPENS to find her way to Fairwick in Callie’s 21st century timeline, the magical angel stone that they need to save themselves JUST SO HAPPENS to fall off someone’s cloak into Callie’s hands without it’s previous owner lifting a finger to stop her. This novel was a nice end to the trilogy, but a lot of the plot was based on ridiculous coincidences that could have been far better explained. With more thorough plotting these coincidences could have been rewritten to progress the narrative in a much smoother way that didn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Goodman has a good basis for a story, but I still don’t think she executed it as well as she could have done. Parts of the story were just plain ridiculous. Why does Callie have to travel to 17th century Scotland of all places? This entire section of the novel was what threw the narrative for me – it made it painfully obvious what the niggling doubts were about the story. I just can’t get over the ‘magical plaid’. It was just all a bit ridiculous to me.

I think that Goodman was trying so hard to make it like an actual fairytale that it just didn’t work as a modern contemporary novel – I’m still not sure of the intended audience. Again I would have said YA, but from how Goodman describes teenagers she blatantly doesn’t understand them.

It’s a shame this couldn’t have been better, but the writing definitely held it back. There were just far too many things that were poorly written for even a brilliant narrative to shine and pull it through. I would give it a 3/5 because it definitely wasn’t as poor as the first novel, but wasn’t nearly as good as the second novel was. Round about where Callie went back in time through Faerie to 17th century Scotland was where it lost me.


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