‘Resurface’ Review




One of the people who followed me on Twitter mentioned that they were putting their novel up for free for 24 hours to encourage people to read and review it, so I thought “Why not?” and snagged a copy. I don’t normally read ebooks – I am a massive advocate for physical books – but when I forgot to bring a book to work with me the other day, I looked on my iPad and decided to give an ebook a go.

This was a brilliant little novel – the original premise was intriguing, and the antics that ensued afterwards kept me hooked. One of the main characters, Isaac, is attacked in an alleyway and suffers from amnesia after his attack. He’s lost the last ten years of his life and can’t remember his relationship with his husband. This original premise intrigued me, and the plot development kept me reading – I ended up reading it in one day! Alder Whitney does a fantastic job of building tension – in the first chapter, Isaac knows he’s keeping a secret from his husband, Josiah, but can’t remember what. As the characters try to figure out what Isaac has forgotten, Whitney keeps upping the stakes. I really loved the dramatic events as they kept you on edge.

I really loved that the two main characters were gay – I don’t think I could name you a single novel of popular fiction where the main characters are gay, and it’s brilliant that Whitney chose to represent this in his characters. It is important that diversity is incorporated into popular fiction, whether that be race or sexuality. I found Isaac’s lack of memory of his husband to be a heartbreaking storyline – especially when told from Josiah’s perspective, these scenes came across as even more cruel. The plot was well thought out, and Whitney uses Isaac’s amnesia to it’s full advantage to keep the reader guessing.

Some of the dialogue felt unnatural and forced at times, but it didn’t impede on the plot. There were a lot of typos and auto correct errors, where there was the stem word instead of the proper tense e.g. know instead of known and the like, which was annoying but again didn’t particularly impede the narrative. It is important to remember that a single person who has self-published a novel will not be able to find every single typo or mistake that a whole team of publishers who have worked on a traditionally published novel would, so you should definitely not judge it based on this. It would probably have benefited from another read through, or having a friend read over it with a red pen in hand, but it really doesn’t affect the plot.

The overall plot was well thought out and used the inciting incident to its full advantage, so this is definitely well worth a read. I give it a 4/5 because I really loved the chemistry between the two characters, and the tension was done so well. Especially considering it’s only £2.06 on Amazon, it’s definitely worth the buy!!


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