So I’ve just finished reading ‘The Widow‘ by Fiona Barton.

Wow. Just… Wow. I absolutely loved this book. It was gritty and completely gripping – I read most of it in one sitting! I just could not put it down. Had Glen taken the little girl? Did Jean know about it? I was completely hooked.

It was such a gripping narrative with the different perspectives woven together perfectly to give us the overall picture. The characterisation was brilliant – I’m always a bit wary of narratives told from several perspectives, especially when only one of them is in first person – but this was done so well, it really worked. It particularly worked with Jean’s character – to give us as the reader more of a sympathetic ear towards her. Plus Glen was a smug little sexist git, among other things.

I think this honestly was one of the first books that I’ve read since ‘Gone Girl‘ by Gillian Flynn that I’ve been totally gripped by. It was just written so well that I just couldn’t help but love it. The plot development and revelations were paced brilliantly through out, so there was never a dull moment. You were constantly wanting to turn the page to find out what had happened, and if Jean had indeed known about it. This was done very well – the reveals coincided with the plot so well. You were really on Jean’s side, and it wasn’t until later on in the novel where you start to think she knows more than she’s letting on. The ending was fantastic – especially once you know all of the story.

It was such a dark subject matter, but Barton’s expert prose handled this brilliantly. It really was just so gripping, you have to read it for yourself.

I really loved it; it was an absolute masterpiece. A really fantastic debut that does Barton’s writing justice. I would definitely recommend this as your next read – 5/5 stars from me!


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