Show Me Your Wisdom, Oh Wise One

I am in love with Holly Bourne.

Seriously, she is one kick ass author. I love love LOVE her writing – it’s so raw, and real, and FRESH. Her characters are so complex and relatable – I’ve loved all three of her recent novels that I’ve read. I am yet to read her debut, “Soulmates”, but if her other three are anything to go by it’s going to be FREAKIN’ AWESOME.

I’ve just finished reading “How Hard Can Love Be?“, the second novel in the “Normal” trilogy. I have to say that I definitely connected with Amber as a character the most – I can absolutely relate to having a parent that should care more than they do. “Am I Normal Yet?“, it’s predecessor, was also ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I really think she did her characters justice in all of them.

The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting” was the first one I’d read – I was wandering through Morrisons and their covers just caught my eye. Even the blurb had me giggling, so I picked up all three. Boy, was I not disappointed. The blend of humour with the seriousness of the plot is just right.

The language and characterisation is so spot on, you can immediately believe these characters are real. The issues that the characters deal with are so current, with no waffling around the point, that I just couldn’t get enough. I CANNOT WAIT for the next one in this current trilogy, Lottie’s story.

Plus the feminism is awesome – as a girl in today’s society, we are expected to curl our lips at the men-hating feminazis because we’ve been given the right to vote and yadda yadda and we’ve got nothing to complain about, when actually feminism is just equality for everyone. Everyone just being nice to one another and treating each other the same. It’s not hating on men for being blokey blokes or other girls for being ‘sluts’. It’s just letting everyone do their thing without judging and telling them how to behave. Because despite what those lip curlers think, equality issues are still very much current in our society.

Another thing I really love about Holly Bourne’s “Normal” trilogy, is that she shows you it’s okay to be a feminist but still be a girly girl. We are allowed to fan girl over boys and wear girly things and do girly things. We are allowed to be us. We don’t have to put on this mask to prove to everyone we’re someone else, just to fit in. We can be us and fit in. We are allowed to live.

Plus the covers are gorgeous.

So while I’m scraping money from my already crying bank account to buy “Soulmates“, you need to go out and buy all her books to read. NOW. GO BUY THEM.



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