All I have ever wanted to do is write.

Ever since little seven year old me held a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone in my hands I knew that was the career for me. I’ve been constantly writing stories and drawing comics ever since. I went to Bangor University to study Creative and Professional writing, which bred a love of screenwriting (especially adaptation!) and made me determined to tackle the mountainous challenge known as ‘the novel’. I immersed myself in the creative, submitting graphic novel chapters for assignments and taking on a role as the Captain of the uni creative writing society, Writers League, among loads of other things.

I’ve had to put up with countless sneers and curled lips when asked “What did you study in uni?” and my response is “Creative Writing” – even from one girl who was meant to be one of my best friends. I didn’t care about any of that, because I was doing what I loved – I was on the path to becoming a published author! I had decided to pursue the Holy Grail in a world where everyone’s reading habits were changing and the publishing world as we know it was having to move with the times. But I’m determined to do it.

One of the steps I have been told might aid me on my quest is starting a blog. I would agree when people suggested it, “Yes, yes, I must start a blog,” but never get around to doing it. Maybe because I was worried I didn’t have anything to say that people would identify with and want to read each week. Who knows? If people could win prizes for procrastination I would be a champion.

But now I’m going to jump on the band wagon. I’ve had a very interesting past few months, and my mantra that has come out of it is “positive thinking.” So let’s do this.

Here’s me. Blogging.




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